The March 2018 Instagram challenge is now closed.

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Want to create beautiful content for your Instagram feed?


The Instagram Content Creation challenge will set you a new theme each day for 10 days with the intention of helping you create beautiful content, explore photographic themes, and learn new techniques.

Whether you want to learn more about photography, make meaningful connections with other users, or just create beautiful content, there is something in this for you!


How it will work


Starting March 13, you will receive an email every day for 10 days with a challenge to create some content for your Instagram theme. This might be in a particular style of photography, or a particular subject.

You’ll be given tips and suggestions on how to approach each challenge, and through following along you’ll be encouraged to push yourself, learning new tips and techniques along the way. Please note however that this is not a course in the traditional sense. That said, previous participants have all agreed that they learnt a lot through doing the challenge!

You will be encouraged to post your image each day on Instagram, as well as commenting on other participant’s photos using the challenge hashtag. This is optional, however the other strong piece of feedback from previous challenges has been that connecting with others on Instagram and the community created through the challenge was a real highlight, with many still close online friends a year on.


Can I participate if I have participated in a previous challenge?

Yes of course! Note that while some of the themes for this challenge are new, some you will have seen last time. Don’t let that discourage you though – the last challenge was 12 months ago, and chance are you’re style, skills and therefore approach will have changed. See what you come up with this time around!

Will you like/comment on all of my photos?

I will definitely try! It really depends on how many people join in the challenge, but in previous challenges I’ve been able to do this, and I will definitely try again this time round! Please make sure you use the challenge hashtag in your posts so I can find you – you can tag me too if you wish 🙂

Will you re-share my photos?

Throughout the challenge I will be sharing some of my favorite shots in my stories (credited correctly of course!) – if you don’t wish for your images to be re-shared in this way, please let me knowW

Can I email you to get individual feedback on my images?

As much as I would love to here from you, due to the amount of people that participate in these challenges I’m unable to offer individual feedback or help via email.

If you feel like this is something you would benefit from, you might like to consider my online photography, styling and editing guides. Find out more about them here including the Guided online course with individual feedback and guidance, and is set to launch later this month.

How can I get more feedback/help on my photography?

If you feel like you would like a little more help with your photography, styling or editing, my online Guides are a great place to start. Find out more about them here including the Guided online course with individual feedback and guidance, and is set to launch later this month.

The past week has been very inspiring for me, as I was challenged in a gentle way to think about my style and how I want to present my creations. Dearna is a wonderful person to learn from, all the challenges were prepared very carefully, with beautiful examples that illustrated the challenges well. Think it is amazing how much you can learn in such a short period of time and would definitely jump in again!!!


I thoroughly enjoyed the 12-day Instagram Inspiration. The challenges and exercises were fun and obviously well-thought-out. I particularly enjoyed the variety of each day’s challenge. It made me rethink my approach to food styling, editing, lighting, storytelling or even what type of camera to use. I also enjoyed the feedback from the other participants and I loved seeing their shared work every day. It was inspiring to see their creative photography work. This course has given me great tips how to keep experimenting and improving my food photography! Thank you!


Learning from Dearna has been such a lovely experience. I have gleaned fresh perspectives and skills in analysing my images, and had fun experimenting with new ways of setting up and thinking about capturing a shot. It has been wonderful to be pushed out of my comfort zone whilst being supported and encouraged by someone so generous with their time and kind with their words. I look forward to learning more from Dearna in the future!



  • The challenge will start on March 13th Australian Eastern time, which for some of you will mean that your first email will be delivered in the evening on March12th.


  • After signing up, you will be sent to the Challenge Members Only area. Please carefully read all of the information on this page before the challenge starts.


  • Emails will be sent from  Please add this email to your safe list by following the instructions here to ensure you receive all emails. If you use miss an email, make sure that you check the Promotions and Social folder (if you use gmail), and your trash/spam folders. Otherwise, you can access the emails via the members portal.


  • You are encouraged to participate and post on Instagram – please use the hashtag so that you can find one another, and support each other! The hashtag details are in the Members Only area.


  • If you have previously purchased one of my online guides or Lightroom presets, you will already have an account, and you will need to login to sign up for the challenge. If you can’t remember your password details, select the option to reset them on the login page when prompted.