In 2013, I bought a DSLR camera and started my food blog, To Her Core. I had visions in my head of delicious recipes accompanied by gorgeous photos… only I had no idea how to actually use the camera!

For the first few months I shot entirely in manual, and was constantly dismayed that the photos I pictured in my head looked nothing like what I ended up with.

Even after changing over to manual, I still had no idea what I was doing – but I was determined to learn! I spent hours and hours scouring the internet, taking an online course, and practicing the tips that I had learnt.

But while my photography continued to improve, the process to get there was exhausting – why couldn’t all of the information be in the one place?

As I had been keeping notes along the way, it made sense to compile it all together and create the online resource that I craved when I started out myself.

And that’s when the Food Photography + Styling Guides first started to take shape.

Today, I spend my spare time dong freelance photography for local businesses, teaching photography and styling through these online courses, as well as face-to-face workshops.

And when I get the chance, I still love to create new recipes which you can find over at the blog that started it all, To Her Core.