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Curated food photography, styling + editing guides

“Photography is the only language that can be understood anywhere in the world.”


We live in an increasingly visual world, where images have replaced words as a quicker, more effective means to communicate and get a message across.

This means that it’s increasingly important to have beautifully styled and captured food images, which stand out in social media feeds, blogs and printed media. Images that are eye-catching, that tell a story and that create a connection with the viewer.

This is exactly what the Food Photography + Styling Guides will help you to achieve.

Through a series of easy to follow and understand guides you will learn the basic principals of photography, styling and editing to take your images to that next level. The Guides are delivered in a series of manageable modules which allow you to learn at your own pace, and are comprised of a series of text, images, diagrams and videos to help you best understand each concept.

The Food Photography + Styling Guides were created by Dearna Bond, in response to the lack of specific food photography and styling information available online.

Dearna has spent years learning, practising and improving her own food photography and styling and has had her work featured in numerous online and print publications.

She now photographs commercially and also teaches Food Photography and Styling workshops from her home in Tasmania, Australia. You can learn more about Dearna and view more of her images via her food blog To Her Core.

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